Always, Always Flowers Athens GA – How To Lose A Customer In 1 Easy Step

Sep 08

Always, Always Flowers Athens GA – How To Lose A Customer In 1 Easy Step

Always, Always Flowers Athens, GANormally my style on the blog is to be positive about reviews I offer if at all possible. Or at the very least, use the bad experience to point out a better way a situation could have been handled…in my opinion. Unfortunately, this review of Always, Always Flowers Athens GA is going to have lean toward the latter, as much as I would like not having to share this experience with a local Athens GA florist.

Here are a brief rundown of the facts: Today is Thursday. On Tuesday of this same week, we decided to drop in for the first time on Always, Always Flowers Athens GA to discuss with them the options for creating 10 table arrangements for a luncheon we will be having soon. As soon as we walked in, we were reasonably impressed with the array of designs they had on display, and since the Athens GA Florist had come recommended by the  facility where the luncheon will be held, we were expecting a good experience.

And sure enough, the gentleman that waited on us had an immediate good idea after hearing the details of who the luncheon was for and the circumstances. In fact, he told us, they had a shipment of the perfect flowers coming in Wednesday, the next day. So, we said we would come back and see what they looked like, but he insisted that we should go ahead and reserve the 50 flowers we would need…..and pay for them in advance.

This is when a little alarm goes off in your head, and you really should pay closer attention. So on that score, shame on us since in this case the amount of money involved was close to $200. But, we had fallen for the “scarcity” ploy and wanted to make sure our luncheon which was to be on Sunday, went smoothly. We paid the money upfront.

Always, Always Flowers Athens GA – Loses Our Business Forever

Today, two days after this happened, and one day after Always Always Flowers supposedly got their shipment we had been told was coming in, we had an offer to use fresh cut flowers from a local garden. Wonderful we thought….we can have something grown local and maybe even save some money by doing this ourselves. So, we put in a call to Always, Always Flowers to cancel our order.

I am sure by now, it will be no surprise that they refused to even consider it even though these particular flowers had NOT been ordered special for us, or had we lingered in changing our mind. After considerable effort to reason with the owner, we realized it was either take the flowers, or walk away from our money. And, hopefully you will agree, this was not an unreasonable request on our part.

So, of course, we are going to move forward and pick up our flowers. But, I cannot think, with all the other florists in Athens GA, that we will be spending any more money with the florist, Always, Always Flowers.

How Did Always Always Flowers Really Win or Lose in This Situation?

This Athens GA florist maybe has forgotten what many companies small and large forget……the LIFETIME VALUE OF A CUSTOMER. Sure, they have our money for this one order, but as I have said, we will not spend more money at this florist. The irony is, after going into the store and seeing some of their attractive work, I thought to myself….I am going to try to drop in here frequently and start buying more flowers just for the appeal they have to me personally. And, this incident didn’t just involve me, it also included Bobbie (she was in fact the one who initiated this purchase), who LOVES flowers.

If you think about spending an average of $30 or $40 a month, that is $360 to $480 a year. If I can hang around  this world for another 20 or so years…..that adds up to $7,200 to $9,600 over my lifetime doing business with them….and that would be for just small orders, nothing like the higher prices that some designs would cost or events like my luncheon could add on to those figures. Then you take Bobbie’s potential business and you can see that this decision by Always, Always Flower Athens GA may mean they have chosen, a roughly $200 sale now, over $20,000 in business over the years.

When we have someone become unsatisfied with something our company does, or just tries to push down our price for a better deal, I always try to a least look at the bigger picture. Most of the time, we accommodate the person if we can see that they will be doing more business with us. It just makes sense that it is a LOT cheaper to keep a client than it is to get a new one.

After this happened I went to Always, Always Flowers website to see what their stated written policy was on refunds. They don’t have one. But, if you look at the URL or website address in the top of your web browser, you will see that it has the words “realpages” in it. What that indicates is that they are paying the yellow page folks for their site and yellow book listing. To the uninformed, the yellow page advertising is VERY expensive and truly  reinforces what I am trying to point out about the cost to get a new customer vs. keeping one that literally has her credit card out and is in the store.

So, as I said, I think Always, Always Flowers Athens GA probably does very nice work….but buyer beware. However with blogs and social media like FaceBook growing in leaps and bounds….I hope consumers will not have to deal with short sighted merchants as much as they have in the past.