Hi there, welcome to my site….it is a work in progress.

If you had ever dropped by before, you might have noticed that the site was more for my web design and marketing, advertising business, and nothing very personal. Situations change, and I really discovered I needed to take my business through it’s own identification. So, if you are interested in local marketing assistance, go to my company at Link To The Future .

Marshall Scott

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LTTF stands for Link To The Future, and is my primary business. It used to be almost 100% directed at building, hosting and maintaining car dealer websites. But, the company is evolving and is, in fact, like my blog…..being transformed to include all local businesses.

This site, is going in a very different direction. It is no longer a commercial site. My only intent here is to talk about topics that are of interest to me, and maybe to anyone who drops by. In other words, just for fun.

At this point, I am leaning towards having a few categories such as FUN, FOOD, TRAVEL, MARKETING, and life around my hometown, Athens, Georgia. The idea is to enjoy a website for the content that interest me, but also do some experimenting with what I can do to get search engine rankings on certain posts you see here.

I am under no illusion that this will be of interest to anyone but me. Again, www.LTTF.com is where the real action is. But, I think we all have a desire to talk about what interest each of us, and discuss ideas that do not fit in anywhere else. I have noticed that increasing desire in myself.

Another reason to start a blog is to motivate yourself. If you are willing to put forward some of your ideas, thoughts and feelings, then you will be more motivated to achieve those goals. Public statements are pretty powerful.

So, if you have read this far, I hope that you will come back. I can’t promise sensationalism, but I can say I will try to put forth some thought provoking (and not) posts.

If you are interested in more about our web services here are the following details:

Link To The Future


196 Alps Road, Suite 2-123

Athens, GA 30606


[email protected]

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